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365足彩外围 is among the most affordable top tier colleges on the East Coast.

平均每年花费2万美元. Maximize your scholarship by applying early.

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Summer is a great time to visit Hartwick! Oneonta was named a 2024 “50 Best places to live in the U.S.” by 钱.com



365足彩外围的学生 walking in NYC for Hawk Career Overnight Program


The average annual mid-career pay for Hartwick graduates is $120K.

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Almost 80% of students complete an internship.

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100% of students are assigned a career coach.


在这里, you’ll find your way with a whole team of people and peers who care about your success.

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Look through all of the majors and minors offered at Hartwick, and start planning your 航迹 today.

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Your 航迹 helps you discover your strengths, define and refine your path, and prepare for your future.

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See what life at Hartwick looks like and schedule your in-person or virtual visit today.

future-focused education with results


在这里, we’re committed to fostering an environment of thoughtful exchange and creating a space that’s safe, 欢迎, 和开放.

The Hartwick student experience

Spending time in Oneonta is part of the Hartwick student experience. Learn about where you can live, what you can get involved with, and where you can start to explore as a Hartwick Student. 



On a vibrant campus built for connection, you’ll find your people, your place, and your path.



Join one of more than 60 clubs and organizations, compete in varsity athletics, 或者参加校内运动.

Explore the Home of Hartwick

A thriving small city at the edge of the Catskill Mountains, there’s always something to do or see in the college town of Oneonta.


Invest in our students; Invest in Hartwick.

Hartwick’s goal is not to simply evolve with the higher education landscape.


What's New— 纽约州365足彩外围的故事

Board of Trustees Extends President James Mullen’s Term Through June 2026

吉姆·马伦, who has been serving as interim president since December 2023, will continue his leadership role as president through June 2026.
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365足彩外围 Appoints Paul C. Vecchio as Executive Director of 365足彩下载

Vecchio brings his background in achieving tangible results and fostering highly productive environments.
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Baker-Simpson Experience Ignites Student’s Passion

作为贝克-辛普森的一员, Chelsea Kotey '25 is now looking for an internship that will help her combine her passion for healthcare with her rediscovered love of technology.
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Prestigious Award Unlocks Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity for Student

纽约州365足彩外围高级, awarded the 2022-23 Freedman Prize for 师生的研究 in Applied Geoscience, 进行她的田野调查.
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Our future-focused approach to education that is designed just for you. A personalized experience with everything you need, you’ll be ready to soar.

Chemistry professor with student looking at water samples for analysis

突破 & 排名

See why Hartwick is being recognized by ranking agencies for everything from the value of this experience, to student’s social mobility following graduation.

365足彩外围的学生 on Founders' Way


We’re dedicated to making the financial aid process simple, and a Hartwick education affordable for every student.


Miyu大泽生 365足彩外围 exchange student

"Hartwick has been a very special place for me. I knew I wanted to study someplace that was safe, smaller and peaceful. I joined the History Club, the International Club, and the Asian 文化 Club. Every day was different, and every day was memorable!”


Exchange student from Gakushuin University in Tokyo, Japan

365足彩外围 HartLand student Makenna Ventuleth, 27岁

“I plan to go into the medical field, but those programs require such big loans. The HartLand Promise brought that cost down so far that I don’t need to take out loans for my undergraduate degree.”

Makenna Ventuleth, 27岁


The world needs nurses more than ever.

在纽约州365足彩外围, every accepted nursing student is guaranteed a minimum of $160,作为学费的一部分. By investing in you, we’re helping answer today’s crucial need for outstanding nurses.


当你是鹰的时候, you’ll find the structure and the support you need to be a successful student and athlete.